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About Us

Amello Yoga is founded by a yoga enthusiast 🧘🏼‍♀️. The owner, as a registered yoga teacher herself, yoga outfits has basically been her everyday wear. When she first started yoga, she only confined herself to only purchase apparels in ‘prudent’ colours (black, grey, navy, all the subtle dark colours, you name it :p ). In addition to her personal consumer habits, she always prefers keeping things at minimum quantity than over-abundance. Like a lot of Asian girls, she had the stereotype that colourful activewears are for skinny bodies only. Yet, yoga has taught us that we work on our body shapes not because we hate them, but we absolutely love them with self-acceptance and self-love. Nowadays, the big yoga brands are not value for money and as the owner of Amello, she trusts that athleisure clothing with comfy materials, nice cuttings as well as huge variety of colour selections should be affordable and accessible for every one. Along her yoga journey, she has encouraged friends around her to take on challenge to wear colourful yoga outfits and be comfortable & confident about our true self. That’s how she was inspired to start her own brand which aims to provide pretty, comfortable and affordable yoga outfits to all customers.

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